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Our Milestones

Centricorp has an excellent experience of integrating robotic systems throughout the automation industry in Malaysia. With the ability to provide highly customized solutions, implement cutting-edge technologies, and take a consultative approach to working with you, Centricorp is your partner for automation solutions.


Started off with 5 Robotic Systems

We started of our robotic system integration with a partnership with ABB Robotics, we manage to complete 5 robotic systems in the year 2016. The systems that we completed is for a local company who manufacture motorcycle sprockets. The systems are for machine tending with hydraulic press machines, also some other SPM machine tendings. In total we manage to install up to 22 units of ABB robots and saving up to 40 manpower from their production floor.


3 Robotic System

We are still learning and the the market was still new to us. However, we spend more time in training and self improvements so we are better prepared in the future. This is the year we partnered with Fanuc Robotics.


Installed 11 Robotic Systems

We manage to breakthough in the DieCasting Industry with customers in Penang, Selangor and Melaka. Our systems is to handle DieCasting machine's DieLube spray system and also parts extractor. 


Expended to CNC Handling and manage to Install 19 Robot system this year

Our install base grew to the CNC machining industry, with customer mainly from Penang and Selangor. Our robot system is from single robot handling 1 CNC machines up to 1 robot to handle 6 CNC machines with Robot Track Unit. Our first Scara Robot system to handle Centerless Grinding Machine is a huge success, we installed 10 ABB scara robots this year.


Expended to Automotive Industry while maintaining our existing install base, this year we manage to close 21 Robotic projects

We manage to install some robotic system for assembly line in Automotive industry, mainly Screwdriver process, Pick&Place, parts assembly & vision camera inspection.


Our Best year yet despite the Pandemic, 52 Robotic systems!

This is our best year by far in our short history, we have systems for Robotic Press Machine Handling, Robotic CNC Machine Handling, DieCast Industry, Vision Inspection Machines, Robotic Deburring line...

We can help customer obtain product information, determine the right combination of technology for your facility.

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