SCHUNK: The Quick Change System

Do you want to shorten the cycle times in your set-up and loading processes? We have a solution for you!
Even machine tools can be automatically loaded now that they are not equipped with a media supply in the interior of the machine. The SCHUNK clamping force blocks,
TANDEM KSP plus are especially tailored for robot-supported pallet loading and are particularly suitable for 6-sided machining in two set-ups on all common machine tools.    

FIPA: Lifting Technology

Tube lifters are fundamentally different from other classic hoists, in which the supporting and lifting operations occur separately. In contrast, in the case of tube lifters, all suction and lifting is done in a single process. This ensures a more comfortable work flow and even provides a specific kind of fun. The special ergonomic design takes the burden off of your employees and protects their health. The modularity of FIPALIFT tube lifters permits their use in numerous industries and applications, thus we are sure to find the ideal solution for you.


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