Project: FipaLift Expert

FIPALIFT Expert The FIPALIFT Expert, with a lifting force of 30 kg to 230 kg is particularly suited for handling heavy work loads such as: metal sheets, ceramic slabs, wood materials, overweight sacks and containers.

The rigid design permits heavy-duty use in a production environment that makes the unit versatile and in demand in industries such as: carpentry, sheet metal working, bakeries, and logistics where heavy loads are involved.

The innovative design and use of special adapters allow us to design customized load-carrying systems with the integration of FIPA End-of-Arm-Tooling components. Take advantage of our experience in EOAT design and adapt the unit to your individual needs without adding excessive extra cost.

The basic models are equipped with an easy-to-operate controller. Pulling the operating lever lifts the load and pushing it down moves the tube down again.

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