About Us

Centricorp (M) Sdn Bhd

Our TEAM of enthusiastic people constantly strives for excellence. With the accumulated years of experience, our satisfaction is derived from fulfilling customer’s needs. We know the market requirements. We know our customer’s products. Most importantly, we know our customers.

Continuous upgrading on good relations with our customer and a strategic approach to our business, we are equipped to provide satisfactory service and support that you need. Therefore, we do not only provide our customers with a product, but we provide them our service support, our experience and our expertise.

 Our Mission

  • To bring the latest innovation in production engineering for our client to improve productivity and efficiency.
  • Promotes ethical and honest trade with our clients.
  • We work with our customers and employee in a fair, respectful manner and assume responsibility for our environment. 

“We automate your manufacturing success! ”

 Our Vision 

Our Focus

Plastic Injection Industry

Packaging & Palletizing Industry

Automotive Industry

CNC Machinery Industry

3C Industry

Metal Sheet Industry

our services


With the expertise and experience in this industry, our team will purpose the best business plan according to your needs and goals. Our focus to make sure that our customers are satisfied with our product. In order to meet customer satisfaction, we need to ensure that our product are maximize the productivity and efficiency of their production.

service support

Our focus are to ensure the quality of our product are meet the efficiency and customer requirement.  Our support team will be attend you to solve your problems and will be provide the best solution for all your problems.


To maintain our well-motivated team, we believed that training is the one of the factor to lead into it. To achieved it, we are welcoming fresh graduates and professionals who can give full commitment and contribution in order to achieves company goal. we are appreciating  your upbringing skills, ideas and innovation and working together as a team.

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