Lifting Technology

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FIPA Tube Lifter

The FIPALIFT is a high-quality and sturdy tube lifter available in three versions: FIPALIFT ExpertSmart and Basic. The tube lifters are vacuum-based lifters that use suction to hold and lift the goods without the need for physical exertion.

Unlike traditional lifting equipment, such as chain hoists or block and tackles, complicated slinging of the load is hot required when using tube lifters. You will be quicker and more efficient, your employees will not be as tired from lifting heavy loads and they will remain motivated by using innovative technology.

The FIPALIFT tube lifters have a wide range of applications in the most varied of fields:

  • Handling sacks in the chemical industry and in food production
  • Packages, crates, boxes and containers in shrink-wrap in warehousing and logistics
  • Boards, sheet metal and window panes in carpentry, window manufacturing, glazing, in the furniture industry and in metal processing
  • Barrels, drums, canisters and heavy cans in food and beverage manufacturing and in the chemical industry
  • and many more possibilities. Speak to us, we will be glad to offer you a wide variety of solutions