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Vacuum Cups

Vacuum cups are the preferred components for gently lifting and moving goods. When selecting vacuum cups, the best are those that adapt to the workpiece in terms of shape and material.



With FIPA, you benefit from an innovative series of End-ofArm-Tooling components that combine to form an extensive modular construction kit that comprises varied sizes of sprue grippers, fastening elements and diverse accessories – all of which can be tailored to your specific application.

Vacuum Components

If automation systems are to function, it is crucial that all components work together optimally. Our vacuum components leave you firmly in control. As a system provider, we cover the entire process chain – from vacuum generation to system peripherals


Gripper Assembly

Choose between extrusion and plate based or PA laserforming based gripper systems. Regardless of the system you choose, FIPA grippers are adapted to meet your exact requirements.

Tube Lifters

Tube lifters are fundamentally different from other classic hoists, in which the supporting and lifting operations occur separately. In contrast, in the case of tube lifters, all suction and lifting is done in a single process. This ensures a more comfortable work flow and even provides a specific kind of fun. 

Vacuum Filters

Is the air pure? You should always ask yourself this question before implementing your vacuum generation. Because small parts, dirt particles or even moisture affect the process, stick to the material and also promote wear.

Custom gripper unit for aircraft parts

FIPA is in the air! The sheet metal to be processed is material for aircraft parts. Due to the different dimensions, curves and deflections of the thin aluminium plate of 2 x 4 metres in length, 24 FIPA bellows vacum cups are used.

The benefits of FIPA solutions for handling sheet metal

  • Highly wear-resistant materials for the dynamic handling of dry and oiled sheet metal parts in pressing plants and for shell and body construction
  • Vacuum cups that are free from silicone and PWIS for low-marking handling and trouble-free subsequent painting
  • Gripping spiders “FIPA Spider” for robot-aided or manual handling of large sheet metal parts
  • Efficient vacuum generation with integrated parts control for maximum process safety in sheet metal processing
  • Innovative gripper systems that intelligently combine suction technology with pneumatic End-of-Arm-Tooling (for example, rubberised grippers for gently handling optically high-quality surfaces)

Vacuum Components

A vacuum system is always made up of separate components. The foundation of every vacuum system is the vacuum generation. Whether vacuum pump or ejector, a great number of generators and technical solutions can be called on, each offering its own characteristics and particular advantages. A vacuum filter is used when the vacuum generator must be protected from contamination. Our control technology and valve technology ensure a smooth vacuum cycle here. Elements of the system monitoring, such as vacuum switches and pressure switches, control the vacuum system. Screw and plug-in connectors as well as tubings link up the separate components. Our vacuum components are aimed at efficiency, space savings as well as robustness, and in close collaboration with our customers and partners, they are being constantly developed based on extensive test series and constant monitoring of market requirements.