Schunk Quick change system SWS
Schunk Quick change system SWS
Schunk Quick change system SWS
Schunk Quick change system SWS

Schunk GMBH

Schunk Quick change system SWS


Pneumatic tool changing system with patented locking system

Field of application

Can be used wherever short changeover times between a handling device and a tool (pallet, gripper)

Advantages – Your benefits

Complete series of 14 sizes 
for optimal size selection and a broad application range
Patented fail-safe locking mechanism 
for secure connection between the quick-change master and adapter
Manual emergency unlocking possible 
no counter-forces from springs
All functional components made from hardened steel 
for high mechanical resilience of the changing system
Wide range of electric, pneumatic, and fluid modules 
for universal energy transmission possibilities
Integrated pneumatic feed-through 
for a safe power supply of the handling modules and tools
Possibility of transmission of fluid systems 
with self-sealing couplings possible
Adapter side coding 
via plug connector possible
Suitable storage racks for all sizes 
to ensure the optimum adaption to each application
ISO mounting pattern 
for easy assembly to most types of robots without needing additional adapter plates

Options and special information

Locking without touching. Ensures that the SWS is securely locked even when the SWK and SWA do not touch.
Patented fail-safe locking mechanism 
A large piston diameter and an outside clamping locking increase the permissible moment capacity. Steel parts made of low corrosion Rc 58.

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